EST. 1906

Anderson & Sheppard Bespoke

Since the firm’s inception in 1906, Anderson & Sheppard’s mission has been simple, focused and immutable: to be the tailor of choice for men who wish to dress in comfortable, understated elegance. For well over 100 years, they’ve stayed true to that mission, crafting bespoke clothing for some of the world’s most notable men in the arts, government and business.

Anderson & Sheppard has a team of over 60 loyal staff and expert tailors, each committed to his or her chosen field of front of house, cutting or tailoring. The exacting particulars of their house style and practices mean that they tend to train and grow their team from within, ensuring a continuity of tradition, precision and pride in their craft—principles to which they have been steadfastly committed since they first opened their doors.

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32 Old Burlington Street, London, W1S 3AT

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Monday – Friday 08:30 – 17:00

Closed on Saturday and Sunday