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EST. 2006

Gaziano & Girling

Tony Gaziano and Dean Girling have been making high-end shoes in England for over 25 years. Their objective has been to create the finest men’s shoes in the world, mixing Italian lines and comfort with British craft and tradition. Achieving this goal takes immense dedication and a zero-compromise approach to shoemaking.

Gaziano & Girling designs are unique. They strive to find the right balance between contemporary and classic design, re-inventing the classics for men who demand something new but not over-stylized. They also pay constant attention to finding the perfect equilibrium between the last and the style of shoe.

Their goal is to make shoes that are incredibly comfortable to wear as quickly as possible, providing their customers the ideal blend of Italian comfort with British quality and sturdiness.

Gaziano Girling
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39 Savile Row, London, W1S 3QF

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Monday – Saturday 10:00 – 18:00

Closed on Sunday